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GroZyme® Micronutrient Spray

GroZyme® is a microbial fermentation product that when introduced to the soil and plant structure will help stimulate microbial activity and stimulate the plant’s uptake of nutrients essential for good plant health and increased crop production. GroZyme® is intended to be used in conjunction with a normal grower fertility program.

Recent Testing

Although GroZyme® is not a new product, recent testing in California on crops including Almonds, Avocados, Lemons, Lettuce, Broccoli, Strawberries and Potatoes have found GroZyme to be very effective increasing crop yields. Please refer to the tabs above for specific information and testing on these crops.


Ease of use and application is very important when considering an additional product of this nature. GroZyme® can be introduced though use of drip tape, in furrow or through normal watering systems assuring that it reaches the root structure of the plants. GroZyme may also be mixed and applied at the same time as pesticides and fertilizers are applied as well as a foliar spray where applicable in certain crops and applications.

A good foundation of good standard grower fertility program coupled with the application of GroZyme® will help to achieve maximum potential gains for your strawberry production efforts now and in the future.

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